SkyCity Hamilton Community Trust is a valued part of the commitment SkyCity Hamilton has made to the local community since opening in 2002.

Established in accordance with SkyCity Hamilton's casino venue licence, the Trust has distributed a total of $10.10 million to over 1,760 charitable organisations, both large and small, that have undertaken community assistance and development work in the greater Waikato area since 2003. The Trust has a Board of Trustees who make decisions on grant allocations and set strategic priorities for the Trust.

A copy of the Trust Deed can be found here.

What's new?

Over the past two years, the philanthropic communities of Aotearoa have worked together to find different ways for more New Zealanders to experience the benefits of philanthropy. Local and international reviews of philanthropic practices have found that a shift was needed from more traditional forms of giving, to prioritising impactful funding models. These funding models’ value collaborative partnerships and focus on a variety of short and long-term outcomes.

In 2019, the SkyCity Community Trusts' in New Zealand undertook a review which found that they were in a strong position to have a greater impact with their funding. Excited by the collaborative vision of the philanthropy sector and the ability to partner, the Trusts took the bold step to adjust their strategic priorities. Trustees were appointed to deliver an innovative funding framework, which has now been adopted, with the aim to support our communities to realise their potential.