SkyCity Hamilton provides a comfortable environment where patrons are able to enjoy their surroundings without disruption from others that are inappropriately dressed, or behave in an unacceptable manner.

To ensure patron compliance with these principles, standards have been set for dress and behaviour.

Dress code

The following will not be permitted at SkyCity Hamilton:

  • Torn clothes
  • Gang patches or other insignia
  • Track pants
  • Dirty clothes or footwear
  • Hats or caps (unless for religious or medical reasons).
  • Crocs, scuffs and jandals

Behavioural standards

If someone is seen to be intoxicated, abusive, threatening or causing conflict with staff or other customers, SkyCity Hamilton will take appropriate steps to stop the behaviour. This includes, in appropriate circumstances, having the customer escorted from the premises.

Patrons detected loan sharking or begging will be required to leave SkyCity Hamilton.