Oil2U is an Australian premium oil company suppling Western Australian and New Zealand businesses with an environmentally friendly, sustainable and high stability cooking oil.

Oil2U practise a responsible business in minimising harm to the environment through two programmes:

Act Now - automate and reduce the energy wastage and decrease carbon emissions created from refining oil with a state of the art refinery. Their carbon emissions intensity has decreased by 52.8%.

No Waste Initiative - with an aim for zero waste, Oil2U identified an industry need to utilise the waste oil collected and a process to treat this waste oil into products that can be utilised by the industry rather than being sent to landfill.

Oil2U have implemented this in the process of recycling used oil back into stock feed and bio diesel as well as use of stainless steel food grade tanks, removing all plastic and cardboard packaging.

Oil2U was the winner in the 2009/2010 Western Australia Food and Beverage Industry Awards; Environmental and Sustainability Category.

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